Clean liver and improved digestion

HEPANEX for liver function maintenance

Best complex for liver and gallbladder health

Due to natural ingredients combined with amino acids, they ensure production of bile, promote liver cell detoxification and cholesterol reduction. 

Hepanex plant extracts help to prevent dyspepsia, ensure digestion and protect liver cells.


  • Liver and gallbladder are connected
  • Liver produces bile and gallbladder stores it
  • Bile is needed to break down fat from the food and to excrete waste products from the liver
  • It is important to check liver health because toxin and fat overload can lead to the formation of gallstones


Milk thistle

Helps to protect the liver and keep it healthy. Regenerates liver cell membrane. Reduces fat accumulation.


Helps to maintain the body's detoxification processes and liver health. Improves hepatic vein flow and secretion of bile. Reduces levels of cholesterol.


Hepatoprotector. Regenerates liver cells, reduces inflammation and reduces bad cholesterol. Body can't function without choline.


Hepatoprotector. Contributes to the normal functions of the stomach and liver. Stimulates bile and digestion of fats. Improves appetite.


Reduces inflammation and regulates fat metabolism. Methionine deficiency can cause irreversible liver damage.

How to use HEPANEX?

  • It is recommended to take 1-2 capsules per day orally
  • The dose can be increased on the recommendation of a doctor or pharmacist

When to use HEPANEX

  • To prevent liver damage
  • Gallbladder problems
  • Dyspepsia (indigestion, bloating) 
  • Excessive alcohol use
  • Unhealthy food 
  • Chronic use of medication
  • To reduce fat accumulation 

Reasons for liver damage and digestion problems

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